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Grocery - definition of grocery by The Free Dictionary

gro·cer·y (grō′sə-rē, grōs′rē, grō′shə-rē, grōsh′rē) n. pl. gro·cer·ies 1. A store selling foodstuffs and various household supplies. Also called grocery store. 2. groceries Commodities sold by a grocer. grocery (ˈɡrəʊsərɪ) n, pl -ceries (Commerce) the business or premises of a grocer gro•cer•y (ˈgroʊ sə ri, ˈgroʊs ... | Grocery Store

From coffee, chocolate and snacks to wine, organic and specialty food, find 1000s of products in's Grocery store.

GROCERY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

grocery definition: 1. a grocer's 2. the food that you buy in a grocer's shop or supermarket 3. a store that sells food…. Learn more.

Grocery | Definition of Grocery by Merriam-Webster

Grocery definition is - the food and supplies sold by a grocer —usually singular in British usage. How to use grocery in a sentence.