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Besides my plate and family pictures, household furniture of every kind, my own, my children's, and servants' apparel, they carried off about £900 sterling in money, and emptied the house of everything whatsoever, except a part of the kitchen furniture, not leaving a single book or paper in it, and have scattered or destroyed all the manuscripts and other papers I had been collecting for ...

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Apparel definition is - personal attire : clothing of a particular kind —used chiefly in U.S. English to refer to clothing that is being sold in stores. How to use apparel in a sentence.

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apparel definition: 1. clothes of a particular type when they are being sold in a shop: 2. clothes 3. clothes, esp. of…. Learn more.

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Apparel definition, clothing, especially outerwear; garments; attire; raiment. See more.

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